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Servicio Recogida y/o entrega a domicilio Tarifa *
Alojamiento No 18 €
Periodos festivos 21 €
Paseo Incluida en la tarifa
Distancia máxima: km
10 €
Periodos festivos 13 €
Guardería de día No 14 €
Periodos festivos 17 €

* Las tarifas no incluyen la comisión de Gudog.

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Hello, my name is Dave and I am an American living in Spain. My wife teaches english in Sagunto, so I have lots of time to play with and take care of your dog! I am home all day, so I can watch your dog and take it for walks. I have a large floor, so your dog will have lots of space to walk around and be comfortable. I can walk dogs in Valencia, but I live in Puçol. I am available to house a dog overnight, walk a dog and take care of a dog during the day. There are many parks near my floor, so I have many options to take the dog out. I have owned dogs all my life and have taken care of other dogs as well. I don't have a dog right now, so I really want to be able to walk and play with other dogs. Thanks for hiring me!

Tarifa de Alojamiento 18 € / noche
Tarifa de Paseo 10 € / hora
Tarifa de Guardería de día 14 € / día
Localidad Puçol
Dirección Travessia Montcada
Tipo de casa Piso
Zonas Exteriores Balcón
Superficie de Zonas Exteriores 70 m²